Doing better business for a sustainable world

Human-centred & Sustainable

“We need to be more than leaders.
We must evolve to become Stewards of Systems, Leaders of People, Managers of Process and Cultivators of Culture
to create better businesses, communities and societies for a sustainable world.”
Sue Barrett 2021

CEO. Entrepreneur. Systems Thinker. Change Agent. BSc. Mother of sons. Partner in Life.
Ethical & Sustainable Business Growth Strategist.
Sales Systems Specialist, Educator, Consultant, Advisor, Writer & Change Agent for Better Business.
Advocate for Equality, Inclusivity, STEMA, Social Justice, Climate Action, Sustainability & Representative Democracy.
Inspired by David Bowie, Rachel Carson, Kate Raworth and Maria Montessori.


Sue is one of the leading voices commenting on human-centred sales and sustainable business practices today. Published weekly, subscribe to 700+ articles by Sue on all things to do with sales, growth strategies, leadership, culture, business ethics & sustainability, human relationships, self-awareness, ethics and more. ‘Sue is simply the best writer on business and sales issues that I’ve ever come across.’


Radio Interviews, Podcasts, TV appearances, Sue in a proven media performer, delivering candid, easy-to-understand, evidenced based commentary on a range of topics including Human-centred Business Growth Strategies, Sales & Business Ethics & Trends, Consumer Practices, Leadership and Culture, Gender Equality, Integrity, Social Good,  and Better Business Practices for a Sustainable World.


Founder & CEO of Barrett -a business consulting & education firm specialising in ethical, human-centred sales systems, processes & practices- and the Selling Better Movement, Sue and her team work with organisations across the world helping leaders and teams create, lead and operate highly successful sustainable business growth systems, strategies, teams and cultures.


As one of the founding organisers of March4Justice that rallied 110,000+ people in 200 locations around Australia in under 14 days on 15 March 2021, and Voices of Goldstein, Sue’s an advocate for Gender Equality, Doughnut Economics, Montessori Education, Representative Democracy, Ethics and Integrity in politics and business, and believes in the importance of paying it forward.